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Lynter has provided invaluable advice during setting up the new production facilities of DKCI with the latest manufacturing equipment at Yesan, South Korea, to ensure that manufacturing process and testing method adheres to the current European standards, and that the pricing, products, stability, packaging, and transportation meets all requirements of the client.

DKCI have invested around capital of 150 million RMB for their two workshops, and land area of more than 32,000 sqm. Their new Yesan shop has 6-ton/hr capacity with six 1-ton electric furnaces and Boeun shop has 2-ton/hr capacity with two 1-ton electric furnaces. Yesan shop has an automatic vertical moulding line capable of manufacturing up to 200 moulds per hour (1100*1050*200~350). And the workshop is equipped with full sets of testing equipment such as ultrasonic measuring instrument (graphite globularization), Spectrometer, Metallographic microscope, etc.

CAD Software.PNG


The 3D CAD tools also allow us to accurately visualize the complete product, and the latest 3D CAD software also allows the simulation of load bearing capacity and mechanical movements of the finished product. This ensures that our designs not only matches, but exceeds the requirements of EN124. At the same time, the many years’ experience of our engineers allows the products to be light weight and easy to handle, giving our products the best technical competitiveness. The simulation capacity also helps us streamline the manufacturing process and minimize wastes and allow a stable production. These abilities allow us to optimize the design process, and eliminate the need to unnecessary wasteful revisions of the design.

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